Robert W. Cradle

Daily Point of Light # 4835 Aug 20, 2012

Master Barber Robert W. Cradle provides grooming services and products free of charge to homeless children and adults. He installs and operates full-service barber/beauty salons in local homeless shelters, trains foster parents on how to groom children of all races and provides needed grooming supplies to families.

Since March of 2000, local homeless shelters have been reporting to Cradle that 100 percent of the clients that they serve could not afford to attend the local barber or beauty salon. Therefore, they are typically ill-prepared for job interviews, employment and school. Cradle has reduced the problem creating a organization that raises funds to install full-service barber/beauty salons in local homeless shelters. This enables Cradle, volunteer professionals, and the clients themselves to have access to the equipment and products it takes to maintain a neat and clean appearance for their job interviews, employment and school.

Since Cradle created the organization in March of 2000, more than 18,000 grooming services to 6,400 individuals who cannot afford their regular personal care received haircuts, hairstyles and/or grooming products.

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