Mary Brummet

Daily Point of Light # 3942 Mar 13, 2009

Be inspired to serve by Mary Brummet’s volunteer story:

“I volunteer at Council on Aging's Adult day care weekly and encourage other Chain Reaction volunteers to do the same and I serve on the Board of Directors for Council on Aging. I am the President of Chain Reaction, the local teen volunteer center, and I serve on the Chain Reaction Advisory Council that meets once a week to better the program.

I do it because I love the feeling. I love walking into the day care for Alzheimer patients and being called by name to go talk with them. I love that they know who I am and look forward to my visits. I love making them happy, even if it is only for that hour and a half. I love knowing that I can better my city while I am young. I think that Chain Reaction is an awesome program that gets teens fired up about helping their community and I feel lucky to be a part of this organization. When I help someone else out it makes me feel complete. I cannot think of a better way to spend my time. Senior Citizens are not always the most cared for or thought of. I enjoy being that person that does think about them and wants to help in any way I possibly can. Time is the greatest gift a person can give.

I think that it makes a big difference for the people at Council on Aging. I think having a teen on the board of directors that is willing to volunteer in any way possible can make a job easier. I also think that it helps the families who send their loved ones to the adult day care. I feel that the other teens and I do so much for them, whether it is very visible or not. Chain Reaction works wonders for the community. It is involved in almost every aspect of Pensacola. I am very fortunate to be the President of a group that has over 900 teens.

I have learned above all how to love others that are less fortunate than you. That has always been something I have been taught, but to actually live it is completely different. To serve someone else is a wonderful feeling. To give my time to those who, otherwise, would spend their time counting down the hours to get picked up makes me feel so useful. I know now that I want to spend the rest of my life serving others in any way I can. It has made me a better person and a harder worker.

I volunteer five times a week. I volunteer Monday-Friday at the Chain Reaction office as the president. On Wednesdays I leave early to go volunteer with the senior citizens at the Adult Day Care. On Thursdays the teens that are on the Advisory Council come in as well.

I would tell them how happy it has made me for the past four years. I would tell them how it has changed my life and the way I think. It has helped me realize that we all come from different places and have different beliefs, but we should still stick together and love one another. I would tell them that they may not understand what I mean but if they give it a shot they could learn as much as I have. Service isn't something that is hard to do; all it takes is giving a little bit of your time to do something selfless for someone else. It is easy and it the most rewarding act someone could do.”

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