Purpose v. Strategy: A Case Study from Silicon Valley

The business case for purpose in the workplace is clear. Studies show that companies that develop and articulate a strong sense of purpose are better positioned to achieve business growth, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Understanding and implementing purpose-supporting initiatives has become a top priority for those developing and managing Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Leaders continue to grapple with the challenge of developing initiatives and programs that are closely aligned with the company’s brand, strategy and values, while also trying to engage employees with purpose-building opportunities that fit their personal interests. How do they do it?

To gain insights on how some companies are dealing with the challenge, Points of Light invited a select group of Silicon Valley-based CSR leaders from Airbnb, Google, Lyft, Salesforce and Twitter to participate in one-on-one in-depth interviews to share their perspectives and approaches to solving the challenge.

You can also watch our webinar about this white paper here.

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