Feb 05
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Haley Lynch, age 11, and her friend Katie Vahle, age 12, started a youth volunteer group called H & K’s Service Paws with the goals of providing service dogs free of charge to disabled youth and providing valuable information about service animals to their greater community. Through their annual “Amanda’s Dog Festival” and various fundraising projects they provide children who are visually impaired or physically disabled with independence through the use of highly trained service dogs.
Feb 04
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Oylan Dong founded Project Outstanding Youth (Project OY) and completed these projects, among many others. She is dedicated to serving disadvantaged children in Panama. Inspired by her sisters who had done service in Africa, Oylan decided to work in a Spanish speaking country. A family friend introduced her to orphanages and youth centers in Panama. Over the past three years, she has visited Panama five times, spending most of her free time, holidays, and vacations helping hundreds of poor children and families.
Feb 03
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Addie is the co-founder and Executive Director of a voluntary organization titled “Reclaim A Youth” aka R.A.Y. She has been at the helm of R.A.Y. since its inception in 1993. Addie does not receive a salary and does not receive a stipend. Her work is simply passion in action.
Feb 02
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Kathryn Martin is the Founder and executive Director of a mobile recreation unit named CJ's Bus. After her own experience with a tornado that took the life of her two year-old son, Kathryn realized the need for a safe place for children to play while their parents tend to their recovery needs.