Feb 02
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Kathryn Martin is the Founder and executive Director of a mobile recreation unit named CJ's Bus. After her own experience with a tornado that took the life of her two year-old son, Kathryn realized the need for a safe place for children to play while their parents tend to their recovery needs.
Jan 30
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We know that life is full of lessons. Some we learn the easy way, and some we learn the hard way. Mike Heikes was riding in the front seat of a car in 1982 with one of his friends. Both had been drinking, and Mike was not wearing a seat belt. His friend missed a curve in the road at a high rate of speed, and they were involved in a car accident. The accident occurred the weekend before Mike was due to began college.
Jan 29
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Andrea Walker has been a dedicated member of the Special Olympics Georgia family for more than a year. She first volunteered for the State Fall Games in 2007. She wanted to become a volunteer and saw that the Fall Games needed help. Andrea traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to Albanay, Georgia - which is quite a distance - to where the games were being held. Not only did Andrea come, but she also recruited her parents to volunteer.
Jan 28
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Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church was established in 1843 and soon after the first school was built. St. Peter’s School has grown from a one-room schoolhouse in the early years, to a modern school that educates approximately 100 students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight, each year. St. Peter’s serves several school districts and local Native Americans. St. Peter’s is a parochial school that relies mainly on church donations and competitive, low-cost tuition, to meet all of its instructional and operational costs and expenses.