May 20
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Join us for Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships Day, an invigorating day of cutting-edge experiences that will spark new ideas and ways to support community needs across the country through collaborations between faith groups and secular agencies!
May 15
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Elle has been volunteering with special needs kids for eight years and she’s only 16. Over her years as a volunteer, she has coached basketball and bowling among other positions. Elle recognized a need—the special needs basketball team her brother was coaching didn’t have a cheerleading squad.  Elle is currently serving as the cheerleading coach for a special needs squad that goes to the Special Olympics every winter. And at 16, she runs the program singlehandedly.
Apr 28
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When many can barely make time for themselves, Corey Castillo, has found time to do something special for others. Already a busy kid, somewhere between marching band, basketball, track, science club, and numerous other activities, Corey Castillo helps the elderly, veterans, and even his peers in his community. One such way was cleaning up a local cemetary. Years of neglect and three major hurricanes had left the Edgerly Cemetary in disarray.
Apr 06
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Priya Sathaye volunteers with the Sunday Friends Program and has been serving with them since August of 2006. Sunday Friendsis a nonprofit organization tht runs programs for low-income families in San Jose, California. She taught piano lessons to children, led art projects and played a key role in the program's "shopping" operations. Priya was quickly recognized as a star volunteer with leadership qualities, so she was invited to serve on the Sunday Friends Volunteer Leader Team.