Volunteer Stories

May 17
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The Points of Lights Disaster Services team has been on the ground in Flint, Michigan, meeting with volunteers, and contributing our expertise in volunteer mobilization and management. In their own words, many of the volunteers shared with us stories of neighbor helping neighbor, and the resiliency and determination of the Flint community in the aftermath of the lead water crisis.

May 13
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Jackie Einstein Astrof worked in the nonprofit sector during the nationwide financial crisis of the late 2000s, and saw the serious impact it had on nonprofit fundraising and the resultant need for nonprofits to undertake strategic re-assessments. A longtime active community volunteer, Astrof launched PennPAC to bring together alumni from her alma mater to provide pro bono assistance to nonprofits.

May 12
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Carolyn Farb has been a Texas fundraising legend since the early 1980s, perfecting the art of staging classy charity events that, to date, have raised over $50 million for more than 100 charitable organizations. 

May 06

Bria Neff hears voices. The 9-year-old Sioux Falls resident is tuned into a frequency not everybody wants to hear, a channel powered by a great loss and need, a hue and cry rising up from far flung corners of the earth. “If I was queen of the world, I would give every animal a voice,” says the pint-sized artist, who does just that through her portraits of endangered and threatened species.