Corporate Volunteer Programs

May 20
Building on its corporate volunteering efforts throughout the year, Fidelity Investments recently celebrated its annual Fidelity Cares Day, with more than 6,000 employee volunteers sharing their time and talent with 27 schools and 81 projects across the United States, Canada and India. The day’s projects reached nearly 18,000 students and more than 2,600 teachers.
Jan 14

Today’s guest post is written by Cristina Andoni, ATLAS Corps Fellow from Republic of Moldova, serving at Points of Light as Corporate Institute coordinator. If you’re interested in contacting her for more information, please e-mail [email protected]

Coming from a country where employee recognition is often given in the form of end-of-year bonuses, occasional tchotchkes and certificates at corporate parties, recognition programs in American corporations are strategic and complex.

Sep 25

Today’s post is written by Shaketia Robinson, the Intern and Volunteer Services Coordinator for Points of Light.  A graduate of American Intercontinental University, Shaketia holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

Here at Points of Light we believe strongly in practicing what we preach! Every month we indulge in a service project with a local nonprofit. This month we had the pleasure of volunteering with Zoo Atlanta.

Our Atlanta staff were hosted by the horticulture department, a friendly, fun-loving bunch of people who really care about their work and the animals they attend to. They guided us in mulching the primate exhibit, which is a task that is performed at least twice a year. Mulching is extremely important to maintaining a healthy enclosure landscape. Mulching not only looks nice, but it adds nutrition to enrich the soil, helps to retain moisture, protects soil from erosion, and helps prevent weed growth.

Jun 19

Now, more than ever, businesses and corporations are embracing service programs, lending their most valuable assets – the time, talent, skills and enthusiasm of their employees – to help the nonprofit sector make a difference in their communities. Yet even as many companies expand their community engagement, many don’t have the tools necessary to formalize a program.